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web and seo clutch columbian and vancouver business journal badgesWhen looking to optimize your company’s SEO, Vancouver, WA is a great place to begin the search.  We are a local web development company and we offer SEO (search engine optimization). We have clients all over the country but love working with clients that are local to our home town of Vancouver, WA.

Best-fit SEO Strategies

SEO is an important practice for increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results, which can generate long-term, low-cost outcomes. PPC often refers to advertising through search engines, display networks, or social media networks and is an excellent method for driving a lot of qualified traffic over a short period to your website. Our tailored approach can help your business build and maintain valuable relationships with loyal customers across the country.

We offer a wide range of customizable SEO services. We are a local web shop with multiple employees working under one roof.  A lot of times SEO is outsourced overseas and you might never meet the people working on your website. We don’t want that.

Not Just another Vancouver SEO company

Search Engines are a moving target, much like SEO in Vancouver, WA and beyond.. Google is always tweaking its SEO algorithm and if you want to show up in search results, you need to update your content to be search engine friendly.

We have copywriters who help with content and strategy. We help develop a content publishing strategy, backlinks, and other items to help your website rank better. Combine this with a solid strategy based on research and data, and you’re off to the races.

Staying ahead of the SEO Vancouver WA Curve

Our data-driven SEO works because we’re not re-inventing the wheel. We’re not looking for shortcuts. We’re not gaming the system. We are comparing effective strategies of your competitors and looking to make those strategies better. We may not be able to track the ever-changing minutia of Google’s search algorithm – but we can stay ahead of the curve through industry news and the “always learning” mindset we approach all our projects with. Contact Us Now to schedule your free consultation with our lead SEO strategist. Give us a shout, whether you’re in Vancouver, WA, Vancouver, BC, Portland, OR or Portland, ME.

Want to know how search engines rank websites in 2019? Read this article on Vancouver Business Journal by NW Media Collective’s CEO, Abby Spyker.

Schema markup tells search engines about your page’s content and can lead to greater visibility in search results.

Sitewide Schema Markup:

This SEO service adds site-wide custom schema markup like Local Business structured data to each website page.

Single Page Schema Markup

This SEO service deploys custom structured data like Products, Reviews, Service Offers, and Showtimes on individual pages.

Strategic Editorial Calendars are the foundation of our Strategic Copywriting services. Our senior search engine optimization specialists carefully plan each Strategic Blog Topic with expert keyword research and SERP analysis. Our process ensures your piece is a cut above your competition for a targeted query. This service delivers the highest level of SEO content planning offered at NWMC and is essential for clients who want to rank within the top 10 search results, in “position 0” or within featured snippets.

Optimzing content to earn featured snippets is something we’re having lots of fun with recently. Developing authentic content that provides value and instills a sense of trust is what good content creation is all about.

Strategic Blog Posts are the crème de la crème of content.

Following the creation of a Strategic Editorial Calendar, our senior copywriters schedule an Interview with a member of your team to gather exclusive industry insight. Using client-provided information and independent research, they then craft an industry-specific and engaging blog post.

Whether you are aiming to rank for a phrase like “seo vancouver wa” or any other keyword phrase, all posts we publish follow SEO best practices.

This is our most targeted SEO service involving keywords. On top of generating a list of keywords from your competitors’ top traffic driving keywords, our analysts take it a step further. They complete a SERP analysis on each keyword, narrowing the list to 15 keywords to target via page content and 15 keywords to target via blog content. Each keyword is meticulously chosen to match searcher intent.

At NW Media Collective, we believe there are many right ways to do SEO. Vancouver, WA is where we are located but our SEO strategies will help you show up for your queries both locally and nationally. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or want the white glove treatment, we have SEO solutions you’ll love.

Not only that, if we can’t explain what we’re suggesting in a way you understand, we’re not doing our job.

Ready to learn SEO? Vancouver, WA based experts are ready to share.

From standard local SEO packages to fully custom integrated marketing solutions, we have numerous SEO options for you.

If you’re a web design company looking for an SEO partner or you want to learn our techniques to offer to your clients, give us a call!

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Award Winning SEO company

What started as a small web design shop in Vancouver, WA looking to deliver world-class results to businesses across many industries, grew into an award-winning agency boasting awards like: VBJ’s Best in Business award for Web Consulting, The Columbians’ Best of Clark County award for Web Design and Clutch’s award for Top SEO Companies for 2 consecutive years. Contact us now for a free SEO consultation.

If you, like many others, landed on this page after searching for “SEO Vancouver WA,” then you are probably looking for a service we specialize in. We are not looking to hard-sell you on search engine optimization plans or convince you it’s black magic and you need us to show up online. What we ARE looking to do is understand your short and long-term goals, budget and desired involvement level before designing a best-fit SEO strategy that helps you show up on top.

We have many SEO clients that have no time to touch a thing and look to us for monthly reports on our efforts and progress. And we have clients that want to learn all the tricks we use to develop a highly strategic editorial calendar and backlink outreach campaigns. And then we have everyone in between. Do you fit in this spectrum somewhere? Contact us today to schedule your free SEO consultation with our SEO strategist.

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How Much Does SEO Cost?

While cookie cutter SEO packages are a great place to start the discussion, the majority of our SEO clients are on an SEO plan that is customized to their particular goals. There is no official sales person here in Vancouver, WA trying to up-sell you on anything.  Contact us today so we can learn more about your business, website and goals for growth.

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On page Off page SEO?

What’s going to help us in search engines?

Each website is different.  We offer packages, but most of the time we end up with something custom for each website.  Some clients need help with their local business listings and others off-page SEO. Things off your website like finding sites to link back to you, finding online profiles and making sure that the name of your business and address details is the same. There are things we focus on with search engine optimization that might not be on your website.  The off-site work does help your website overall.

Did you know website speed is ranking factor? Search Engines want to serve up results for sites that will be a good experience for their users.  They have an interest in showing sites that load fast and work well on mobile devices. We have a lot of clients who come to us and say they were at the top of search 5 years ago, but now aren’t on the first page. Their websites might not load as fast as a competitors site now.  This is just one of the factors we look into.

Does your site have the https lock in the browser? The SSL certificate is now an important part of SEO. Search engines want to make the internet a more secure place and if your website isn’t https, it might be pushed down in results in favor of other websites that are. Most people don’t know there are different types of certificates. There are different validation levels. Some certificates are free depending on your web host and some you pay for. Having a web company that knows the difference is important for your digital assets.

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