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Rex Plastics is a second-generation, family-owned and operated plastic injection molding manufacturer founded in 1971 by Rex Clark.

After meeting the team and touring their plastic injection molding factory and mold-making facilities in Vancouver, WA we knew there were many ways we could help modernize the branding and improve the online presence of this industry-leader. After a logo refresh and website re-design, Rex Plastics continues to partner with us for marketing and SEO support.


Rex Plastics


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Feb, 2015

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An established and trusted company with aging branding and online presence in a competitive global market

We love clients like Rex Plastics because their incredible company and large following of customers make our job much easier. The challenge was to modernize the branding without losing the meaning behind the name. Rex was not just the name of the founder, but it also means “king.”

Not only is Rex Plastics one of the few injection molding companies that offers mold-making and 3-d printing in-house, they also work with a variety of customer types from startups to large companies looking to reshore the making of their products.

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what we did

We designed a website that encourages self-segmentation and presents the diverse services early in the user journey.

We worked with Rex Plastics to give them a modern feeling website that would help show off why they are the king of plastic injection molding and mold making. During the website project we worked with them to develop a new logo and print collateral.

We cut together and time-lapsed a montage of video clips to showcase their facility and capabilities at the top of the home page on computers and tablets.

Another key piece to this project was the online quote request form that gives users the ability to upload cad drawings and enter project details in order to obtain a quote.

Over the years we worked with Rex Plastics to build their organic traffic through diverse SEO services. We are now rolling out the third round of keywords to target as Rex Plastics is dominating the initial longer-tail keywords we focused on previously.


A solid website that has held up well over the years and an evolving SEO strategy that continues to help Rex dominate their space in the market

While SEO is moving target in many ways, increasing relevant traffic drives leads and ultimately quote requests.

The logo and print collateral re-brand combined with a new website set Rex up to compete with the global leaders in plastic injection molding.

Hilighting their differentiators like in-house mold-making, prototyping and secondary operations helped Rex attract customers that are the best fit for the services they provide.

Encouraging self-segmentation and an easy to find quote request form freed the team at Rex up to focus on current clients and qualified leads.

Abby and Travis at Northwest Media are some of the most creative, diligent, knowledgeable and responsive people I have worked with. They were quick to have creative solutions and didn’t hesitate to let me know when they thought I was off base in a suggestion. I would highly recommend this team for your online needs.