Quechua Benefit

Leveraging Facebook ads to boost engagement for nonprofit


Quechua Benefit is a non-profit that empowers the Quechua people through through preventative medicine, education, and economic empowerment

Quechua Benefit came to us with their current website able to manage most of it in-house. Their goal was to add some functionality to improve user experience, as well as leverage Facebook to increase donations and foot traffic to their business. In half a year, we helped triple their page like and pull off the biggest giving season the organization had ever seen.


Quechua Benefit


  • Brand Identity
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  • Marketing


Oct, 2018


To pull this off, we needed to work closely with the organization to tell their story and find the right audience

In general, people don’t like getting asked for money. By developing several custom audiences, and sharing the stories of those they help, we were able to connect to many different audiences. By growing their page likes from 3,000 to over 10,000 the reach when boosting a post went from a few hundred thousand to 1.5 million!

We were lucky in that this organization has been around for a while and had lots of great imagery to tell their story. There was a lot of effort put into curating the right images and copy and then testing what worked before running each campaign.


quechua image 4
quechua facebook lg light

what we did

Integrated marketing efforts

After helping update the imagery on their social channels, we were ready to kick off a collaborative marketing effort.

With a good balance of educational and informative posts and divers user engagement strategies, we were able to grow their reach quickly, just in time for the giving season.

In addition to online giving, we helped them attract local customers to events at their Alpaca farm and store in Hillsboro, OR.

quechua engagement 2


When kids are helped, everybody wins

We kind of had it easy with this organization because who doesn’t want to support children and underserved populations? More donations and a bigger turnout at events, Quechua Benefit was able to build more schools and supporting services for the Quechua people in Peru. Results don’t get more tangible than clothing, food and vaccines for young children.