Bubble Factory: Online Booking Solution

Doorstep laundry service website with an automated booking solution


Bubble factory website and automated booking and route planning solution

Bubble Factory, a door-to-door laundry service, needed an automated solution for onboarding new laundry service subscribers, coordinating driver routes, and managing customer subscriptions. They also needed help differentiating their service from other businesses.


Bubble Factory


  • Design & Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Design


Jul, 2019



Making a website that can do booking and route planning for delivery drivers

They are a laundry pickup and delivery service. The problem is, this website needed to do a lot. We designed a site that would allow customers to book pickup times. Then the website would feed into a client crm and also send the details to route planning software. The software could use the info to plan routes for the different drivers.

website on monitor

what we did

Developed a website api that talks to a calendar and route planning software for delivery drivers

Northwest Media Collective produced an entire user journey, from signup on a website to booking their pickup, to scheduling the driver that’s going to the address.

computer with website on it
bubble factory on ipad and phone


A website that works more like a web app

For this client, we:
  • Updated their Pricing page to include mobile-friendly price-comparison tables and a FAQs section. Check it out: https://bubblefactory.biz/our-pricing/
  • Built a subscription solution finder that allows customers to enter their zip code, find their service day based on their zip code, and choose from a suite of services. Try it out yourself: https://bubblefactory.biz/zipcode-checker/
  • Connected their preferred email service (MailChimp) to their WordPress website to automatically collect new subscriber information and initiate a 3-part email onboarding campaign to welcome new customers
  • Developed a customer subscription manager using AirTable that automatically:
    • Updates new/canceled subscriptions based on customer status on the client’s WordPress website
    • Sends laundry service pickup days to Google Calendar for internal service management
    • Sends daily service routing information to Optimoroute (route planning software used by major corporations like Unilever) so our client can schedule the most efficient laundry pick-up routes. Optimoroute then sends the routes to the drivers who pick up dirty laundry from customers in the evening and return clean laundry in the morning.
    • Sends automated text messages via Twilio (automated text messaging software used by transportation companies like Lyft) to customers reminding them to put their laundry outside for pick-up.

bubble factory website

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