Allen Design Studios

An online custom e-commerce retail store


Allen Designs needed an e-commerce solution to replace two previously separate websites.

Allen Designs creates one of a kind, artistic home products. Inspired by outdoor markets around the country, Allen Designs has grown to sell products all over the world. With decades of experience, Allen Designs is an Icon of the creative scene the Pacific Northwest is known for.


Allen Designs Studios


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  • Web Design


Oct, 2020

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Making two sites into one

Allen Designs operated two separate marketplaces; one for retail and another for wholesale.
Problem was, these two sides of the business existed on two different websites. Allen Designs needed a solution that could unify its platform but still allow for two different customer experiences.

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what we did

Creating two distinct user experiences on a single site

Northwest Media Collective produced a website that is both beautiful and cutting edge, a perfect complement to the creations of Allen Designs. We combined the information for 100s of different products, displaying different information for retail and wholesale customers. Now, the entire site adjusts based on the user type of the customer; everything from pricing to order size changes to suit the user experience.

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A site that reflects a creative business

NWMC delivered a site that was both beautiful to look at, and a joy to use. With intuitive technology and on-brand design, this website perfectly showcases the client’s unique products.