Some web companies make it hard to leave

We have seen a handful of clients this year come to us for a re-design of their website without any stats or traffic info on their site.  There are a lot of SEO companies that will sell you on a large monthly SEO package that comes with a free website.  The website is an afterthought and they are stuck with an OK website that won’t rank well.  Then they pay something like 1k a month for seo work. These companies provide them with only a few reports.  They have to contact this company in hopes they will get a reply in a few days and ask for more traffic stats.

Your website has the ability to be connected up to Google Analytics (this is free).  The problem is that these SEO companies signup under their account.  They can’t give you a login to their account, so you are dependent on them to inform you on how the money you spend is doing.

When we make a website, Google Analytics is setup on your gmail.  We can provide a snapshot in the admin area of your website, and you can login anytime to see the more in-depth details.  It’s your website, and you should have logins to everything.

The worst part is when you try to leave.  You have been paying 1k a month for months now, and you don’t think your site is making the phone ring (or emails not coming in). When you go to cancel, you find out all that website traffic data is gone.  They can’t give you that google analytics account.  You need to setup a new Google analytics account.  That’s no problem, but it would be nice to compare your traffic once you build the old site.  The times that we do get to rebuild a website and we have stats, we can compare traffic on the new site to the old site.  Also we can compare how a site is doing to the same time last year.

Your website traffic data is valuable. If your with one of these SEO companies contracts and really not sure how your site is doing online. Let us have a look at it.  Our opinions are free, and we might have some ideas for how to get your website to get people to fill out those contact forms. We are pretty good at helping people leave these big companies as well.

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