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Is your website running the latest version of Woocommerce

It’s been almost a month now since the last Woocommerce update.  The 2.5 update was one of the biggest updates in the plugins history. We are stilling meeting new clients who haven’t updated to the latest Woocommerce.  There is a ton of updated functionality and a major boost in speed.

What’s the update process? Backup the website, we can’t say this enough.  You should backup the site before every update. This Woocommerce update is a major update. Creating a backup is key, so you can revert if your store breaks.  Run the update from your dashboard, and you will see a purple button now toward the top of the dashboard that says update database.  Run that update as well.

Time to test your store.  Visit the homepage, shop page and at least one product page. We actually open up these pages in tabs before the update, then open them up again in tabs after the update.  This lets us tab back and fourth to see before and after for changes.

One of the biggest reasons to update Woocommerce is security. With Woocommerce, security is a major factor. Woocommerce is highly secure and this is because of the regular updates that it undergoes to ensure that it will not be hacked and that bugs are quickly weeded out.

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