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4 Changes to the Future of SEO in 2023

SEO, like everything else web-related, will change with every new year. Our SEO specialists are always looking at what the future of SEO has to offer. This year, we are seeing four significant updates. If you want to keep your website up to date and be the first to appear in search results, read on!

What Does the Future of SEO Look Line in 2023?

SEO is a vital part of online marketing today. Without it, your company’s website would be buried in search results, never finding those audience members that turn to clients. With everything online, SEO also changes each year and world events. During COVID-19, SEO, and social media marketing helped thousands of businesses continue running. But now, we are seeing how Ai, video marketing, third-party cookies, and voice searches are affecting SEO.

AI Generators

There are a handful of AI writing tools for SEO and other website content. Many business owners and other website owners use these writing generators to produce content quickly. Yet, these tools aren’t perfect when it comes to SEO. Many can create blog posts, copy, and social media posts within minutes, but they are not optimized for SEO and still have errors. That’s why, even though Ai generators will be a popular trend in the future of SEO, it’s important to have still an SEO expert to edit and optimize all content before publishing.

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Voice Searching

Voice searching with tools like Siri and Google Assistant is only growing in popularity every year. But what does this trend mean for SEO? When users use voice searches, they usually use a more conversational tone than with a written text search. For example, a user may type “local cafe near me” but then say with a voice search “where is a local cafe nearby?”  So, it’s important for marketers to adapt to conversational language, use more long-tail keywords, and prioritize local SEO options since voice searching is usually for local searches.

Third-Party Cookie Deprediction

We will see a shift in data collection and tracking this year. Google has pledged to stop third-party cookies by 2024. Right now, cookies collect third-party data that is put on the marketplace for selling or is shared. This data can help companies find new audiences, create campaigns and find high-value customers. Now, with Google and other search engines stopping third-party cookies, cookies will segment audiences and build a database between customers and providers that is not shared externally.

How Will This Affect SEO?

Cookies are not an essential tool for SEO. So why do we bring this up as a change to the future of SEO in 2023? With third-party cookies gone, companies and websites will need to find other ways to engage their audience and increase traffic. That’s where SEO comes into play. Keyword optimization will be more important than ever. Instead of third-party cookies, keywords will help marketers find new audiences to attract.

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is nothing new to us now. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, video marketing has proven itself as a powerful tool for marketing strategies. In 2023, we will see two tools Google is releasing that will help companies build SEO strategies using video marketing.

1. Clip Markup

Do you have videos that advertise tips or products? Clip markup will highlight these critical points in your videos. So, now when a user searches for these tips or products they can go straight to those parts. 

2. Seek Markup

This tool will help Google understand how URL structures work. By doing so, Google can display the important sections of your video automatically. So, now Google searches can connect with a particular portion of your video.

Work with NW Media Collective in 2023

Whether you are looking to step up your game in your blog strategy or want to dive into the realm of video marketing, we’ve got you covered! Our SEO & Marketing team has years of experience helping companies grow their audiences and increase traffic to their websites. Check out our website for more info or contact us today! 

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