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AI Content Writing Tools & How They Can Help Your Business

Ai content writing tools are a hot topic right now, especially with businesses that want to create convincing copy quickly. There are now AI writing tools to help you create any type of content and cover any topic. At NW Media Collective, we use AI tools such as Grammarly and SEMrush to help us create quality content. We’ll show you why these tools are so popular in helping businesses with their workflow and which ones to try out.

What are AI Content writing tools? 

AI writing tools are software that creates written content built on input from users that is powered by artificial intelligence. These AI content writers can create content that is very similar to human-like text. For businesses that manage and work with content marketing, AI content writing tools are magnificent.

How can AI Content Writing Tools Help Your Business?

AI writing tools can help speed up your marketing goals. You can use AI to brainstorm ideas, create a content calendar, cut out research time, and produce drafts faster than ever. Here are just three examples of what type of content AI tools can help you with.

1. Your Blogs

Blogging is a great way to create SEO-driven content to help increase traffic to your site. But sometimes writing blog posts can be as painful as pulling teeth, especially if you’ve got a tower of other tasks looming over you. So, this is where AI can come in handy! Given a keyword or a heading section, AI tools can create copy to fill those areas. An AI generator can create copy in seconds and after having a quick edit for grammar and SEO optimization, you’ll have a publishable blog in no time!

2. Creating Compelling Copy

Copywriters are always trying to produce the most compelling content to help bring in more traffic and sell products or services. Writing this copy takes time and energy to research, produce, and publish. But AI generators can write social media and advertising copy with ease.

3. Unforgettable Taglines

Taglines help business convey their vision and mission. A successful slogan will stick with your audience and stand out from your competitors. AI generators can produce these taglines or help you brainstorm ideas to create a slogan to help your business stand out.

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AI Content Writing Tools to Check Out

Here are just a few of the AI writing generators out there. 

AI Writer

AI Writer claims to be the most accurate content generator out there today. This generator can create full-length article drafts from just a headline. Along with the draft, AI Writer will also give you a list of citations so you can verify the information in the draft is accurate. And if you are working on a WordPress website, this generator text can publish directly onto your website.

Copy.AI will generate blog content, eCommerce copy, social media content, website copy, and more. With just a few sentences about your brand, products, or services, this AI generator will give you multiple options to choose from. also has an editor that will help you rewrite and polish your copy.


Jasper, similar to can generate content in minutes for social media, art, websites, articles, and much more. Jasper claims to be an AI generator that can create entertaining and sometimes punny content. There is a Chrome extension that will allow you to create content directly on your chosen social media platform.

These are just a few examples of the types of AI generators that are out there. 


Here’s the catch with AI. It’s a wonderful tool to help speed up the process of creating content for your website, but a human touch is still necessary to make sure it’s quality content. And not just quality, but content that is optimized for SEO.

Some AI tools help point out how to optimize your content for SEO, such as SEMrush. But AI content writing generators are not always the best at creating SEO-driven content. Make sure you edit and optimize this content with SEO elements such as headers, meta descriptions, and more.

Need Help With Creating Content? Let Us Know!

If AI content writing tools aren’t your thing and you’d like to work with a marketing agency, let us know! We are a local Vancouver, WA copy with a marketing team of copywriters, SEO strategists, and social media experts. Whether you’re looking for blog writing, an SEO keyword-driven editorial calendar, copy for your web page, or start your social media marketing goals, we can help!

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