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Why are your Facebook ads not getting as good of results

Facebook’s algorithm has changed and one of the biggest changes that came with it is that Facebook users can now choose to opt out of ad targeting. Before, advertisers were able to target and exclude certain demographics based upon who they wanted their ads to show up for; but now we no longer have this option. Anyone on Facebook can go into their settings and stop receiving ads as well as having their data collected by Facebook (including what you like/comment/share) which means your marketing efforts will not be as effective as before.

The new privacy policy is revolutionary because it’s the first time this choice has been presented explicitly to smartphone users. Before now, if you wanted to stop apps from tracking your activity and data in detail – like what websites or videos are being watched on Facebook for instance-, then there were few options outside of changing settings which could be hard-to-find without doing some research into how these particular programs work with their respective operating systems as well as understanding any local laws surrounding personal confidentiality when downloading software onto one’s device. But thanks largely due to Apple putting all important information right under everyone’s nose by way of clear instructions at every turn; we suspect many people will opt-out of being tracked by ads.

While the performance of your Facebook ads is not always crystal clear, there are plenty of ways to keep them working for you. You can adjust their timing and mix up what type of content appears in them to improve how well they do overall!

What are steps a small business can do right now to have a better chance on Facebook?

  1. Verify your website domain with Facebook. Doing this will prevent any interruptions in your pixel once the changes take effect.
  2. Pick your top eight conversion events for Aggregated Event Tracking. Once the iOS 14 privacy update begins, campaigns tracking these eight events will continue while campaigns tracking other events will pause.
  3. Keep your eye on the new resource tab. This will keep you updated on how your campaigns are affected by the changes. Facebook will help you by advising you on what to adjust.

The only way to know for sure how your ad is performing, once people start opting out of tracking. So keep an eye on the performance and make necessary adjustments as you go!

We hope this post has explained a little bit about the iOS 14 update. Maybe you’re seeing a difference in your ad performance. We know you’re busy, and we get that this Apple update is just another thing on your already full plate. If saving time with Facebook ads sounds like something worth trying out then NW Media Collective® can help! Our company saves customers by taking these tasks off their hands so they don’t have too many distractions while seeking success in pay-per-click advertising also gets them great results – exactly what every business wants isn’t it?

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