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Web Agency or Freelancer

Many times when someone is thinking about a website redesign they think of hiring a Freelancer over a small web agency. Most people think that the two are very similar and that it’s a better decision to go with a freelancer who will be a lower price.

Freelancers are great for smaller projects. If you need minor web design work built, it’s a smart idea to go with a freelancer because of the simplicity of the project. However, you have to remember that freelancers usually specialize in one or two areas. Some might be great at digital graphics and others might be geat at turning graphics into code on the web.  Very few have all the skills needed to plain, build, and launch a successfull web project.

As a web agency, we often hire freelancers for their different skillsets to help round out our team of skills. A web agency brings with it multiple people with a wide range of skillsets.  A designer who is great at making logo’s and branding might not be the best at writing web code. This is the advantage of a small team.  No one person is the designer and the developer.  Each piece of your project is being worked on by a specialist in that area. The collaborative efforts typically have far better results than projects handled by one freelancer.

Small web agencies, like us, focus on teamwork & creativity to compete with bigger agencies. In our case, our team is carefully created and consists of talented individuals that excel in their area of expertise and work together to achieve the same goal. For this reason, we’re able to deliver outstanding websites that produce results. We’re also able to offer competitive pricing as we have lower overhead compared to larger web agencies.

If your looking at a new web design project and are thinking of a freelancer vs a small web agency, it takes a whole team to make award winning websites.

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