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We added a way to buy giftcards online for a local movie theater in 3 days

One of our clients is a local theater in Portland. With businesses like theirs closing temporarily, they needed a way to sell gift cards online for their customers. Our team jumped right on it, and added a shop to the existing website. The gift card is setup as a single product and checkout is connected to a simple payment processor. We linked to it in their main navigation and it allowed customers to start ordering gift cards right away.giftcard page on computers

This was all put together in 3 days. We know other businesses affected by the quarantine and are trying to work quickly to offer better online solutions. Check it out,

There are a number of ways to sell coupons online and we can help setup a full online ordering shopping cart, or just a simple web form. If you know a business looking to put something on their websites to sell gift cards and wants some help, have them email or call 360-342-4050

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