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Majority of small business owners do their own digital marketing

It’s 2017 and there are a lot of different areas online to market your company.  What’s surprising is 71% of small business owners do their own digital marketing, instead of leaving it to experts ( Everyone knows Google and Google owns dozens of properties such as Gmail and YouTube where you can place text ads and video ads across all of their networks. Right behind them are Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, even Stumbleupon has paid discovery where people can “stumble upon” your new website.  This is only one small corner of digital marketing. There is email marketing, newsletter marketing, and knowing when to use carpet bombing advertising.

What about optimizing your own website to show up better in search? Search engine optimization is something to do in-line with other digital marketing.  You can pay to play and help visitors find you while you are optimizing your site to be found organically through search.  We still haven’t mentioned a dozen other ways to market your company online.  Companies like ours that build websites everyday can help any small business with their digital marketing.

You can do your own dental work as well, but most people choose not to.  Heck, you can get your nephew to do your dental work. We see sites all the time where someone let their niece or nephew build it.  This is fine, but your business is missing out on having an expert who’s worked with similar companies and their digital marketing.

Most businesses know digital marketing works and 75% of small business owners seeing it as “effective” or “very effective” at attracting new customers ( Having a professional online company help with your website and digital advertising can give you that small advantage over the business owner doing it themselves.

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