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How does a website just disappear

We heard from someone this week who’s website vanished.  How does this happen? Well it turns out they were paying $$$ each month to an SEO company and somewhere this company moved hosting or moved the website.  The newer mobile friendly version of the website worked for a while. Then one day it was gone. SEO company fumbled something and they had to point the site back to the old old version of the site on a previous webhost.  Again, this is why we always say you need a backup.  Your website needs to be backed up nightly. The SEO company really are the ones to blame. If they would have had a nightly backup, then if something happened with the hosting they could simply install the last backup onto a new web host.  Many people including some web companies assume that your web hosting backs up your website.  They do if you bought the addon.  I’ll say certain web hosts do automatically, but its not the cheap hosting companies.

We back up customer websites nightly, and can restore a site in a few hours. Hearing stories like this is why we created a maintenance plan.  Even if you aren’t on a maintenance plan and we are working on your website in some way, we take a backup copy.  Another thing is we carry multiple insurance coverage’s like errors & omissions. As a media company, we care about your digital entities. Even if you don’t hire a company like us to maintain your website, there are a lot of DIY website backup solutions.

Don’t leave it up to chance that the kid in the coffee shop that built your site is going to be available if your website goes missing.  This tends to be when your web person goes missing.

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