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How to Discern Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are a great way to help boost your website’s chance of improving off-site search engine optimization. But some backlink offers that sound too good to be true may harm your SEO. Offers can promise many things and sound amazing, but you need to know how to pick out spam offers from genuine offers. It’s important to know what to look for when you receive a backlink building offer. Here are some information and tips to help get you started with building secure, useful backlinks for your website.


What Are Backlinks?


Otherwise known as an “inbound” or “incoming” link, a backlink is exactly what its name implies – a link from one site back to another website. If you’ve ever clicked a link on one site and it sent you to another website, you clicked on a backlink.

Why Do Backlinks Matter?


Backlinks matter because they are, or should be, a vital part of your off-site search engine optimization. Inbound links are important because they’re a factor Google and other search engines use to rank websites in SERPs. 

Earning a backlink is a big deal because every backlink you get is like a vote of confidence in your brand and the content the link directs people to. If a website, or webpage, earns a lot of backlinks, search engines will figure out that it has something meaningful to offer. The more backlinks, the better your site will rank in SERPs and gain more visibility.


Are All Backlinks Created Equally?


The short answer to the question posed above is “no.” Some backlinks are from spam sources with little authority or links from websites. These spam sources may also have nothing to do with your industry or content and negatively influence your site and its ranking. You only want to have high-quality backlinks from websites that have considerable domain authority directing visitors to your website. 


Tips to Evaluate Backlink Building Offers


If you ask our SEO experts at our agency or just about any other SEO experts, many will tell you that backlink building is one of the most difficult parts of their job. It’s likely you’ll be told that generating inbound links is one of the most time-consuming tasks they’re responsible for. 

Given the challenges involved, and the time required to build links, credible backlink building professionals don’t offer their services cheaply. At NorthWest Media Collective, we strive to offer backlink building services that are affordable for most businesses.

If you look at an offer to build backlinks, you can discern its credibility based on two factors independently of comparative price; degree of difficulty and speed. When an offer says an outfit can generate inbound links quickly and easily, the odds are good that it’s spam. Its author will rely on outdated or frowned-upon tactics like “press release distribution” or buying hundreds of links from directories at a time. Backlinks that result from those sorts of tactics can do more harm than good, and they’re certainly not worth paying for.

For a backlink building offer you can trust, get in touch with NW Media Collective Inc. now!

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