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Building Your Brand Through Your Website

Whether you’re building a new brand or you’re rebranding an existing one to adapt to changing consumer tastes, you need to use every tool at your disposal to communicate your messaging. One of the most powerful branding arrows in your figurative quiver is your website. 

Your site is like a steward that’s available 24 hours per day to inform people about your brand. From informing visitors about your goods or services, setting the tone for the experience people will have with your business, communicating your brand’s values, and more – your website can build your brand’s awareness around the clock. 

Create a Consistent Website Design

For a website to build your brand, it’s vital for your website design to be consistent across its pages. Every page must represent your brand. Using the same colors, voice, and graphics on your web pages will help to achieve that.

By reusing content like images across pages, you’ll improve the user experience, because it will load faster, be consistent, and leave a positive impression on visitors and search engines. 

Incorporate Your Logo into Your Design Appropriately

While you may be tempted to put your logo in an unexpected place, you should refrain. Most visitors will expect to find your logo in the upper left-hand corner of your webpages, which is where you should put it. Always link your logo to your homepage, and make sure your logo is sized appropriately. You want your logo to be big enough for people to notice it, but you don’t want it to take away from the other information on your webpages.

Communicate Your Value Proposition

When people visit your website, you need to capture their interest right away to prevent them from navigating to a competing site. Communicating your unique value proposition clearly and concisely is one way you can do that. Your value proposition should be positioned immediately underneath your logo close to your menu.

Share Contact Information on Every Page

Few things can detract from a brand’s credibility faster than making it difficult for users to find your contact information. By displaying your contact information on all of your site’s web pages, you’ll demonstrate that you stand behind the things you sell and that you’re eager to answer questions and resolve problems.

Highlight Your Social Media Channels

Highlighting and linking your social media channels on your website is an effective way to generate engagement with existing customers and attract new prospects. If your brand has a social media presence, feature the platforms you’re most active on across your pages. Displaying social media icons is a particularly effective strategy, as most people will recognize the blue “F” from Facebook or the camera icon from Instagram.

Choose the Right Website Development and Design Team

It’s crucial to pick the right partner to develop and maintain your website to help build your brand. We invite you to make your partner the award-winning website design and development team at our Vancouver, WA, SEO agency.

To learn how our talented team can help you build your brand through your website, contact NW Media Collective Inc. to schedule a consultation today.

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