How is your Google rank in the new year

Its the new year and is your rank in Google slipping?  Many site owners are going to see a shuffle in their Google position this year.  There are 3 big factors now to help your site do well in search. Mobile friendliness, Speed, and Content.  Remember the phrase content is king? Your content will be even more important thanks to Google’s new RankBrain. Its not about stuffing keywords into your content.  Its all about helping Google’s AI learn about your company.

Website speed is something you want to take into consideration now.  If a website loads slow, your visitors won’t stick around.  Don’t expect the search engine bots to stick around either.  Google expects your site to load quickly and provide an overall good experience on desktop and mobile.

If your site isn’t mobile by now, your online presence is going to suffer.  Google continues to promote sites that are mobile friendly over none mobile friendly sites. You could have great content, but you wouldn’t show up if someone on a mobile device searches for you.

January is a good time to take a critical look at your website.  We can help give you an idea of how search friendly your site is.  Contact Us today. We love looking at websites and providing some insight in what could be done to help it preform better.

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