Google AdWords: Right for small businesses

Today, when you think of online marketing, you should also think of Google AdWords. Though not the only form of online advertising, Google AdWords bring too many benefits to ignore.

When it comes to small businesses, Google AdWords can be the largest source of web traffic, marketing your business and bringing in more sales.

So, we say that Google AdWords are successful, but how exactly?

  1. Reach Em When They’re Lookin’
    Prospective customers are going to go to Google and search for keywords relating to your field/services/etc. Typically, for small businesses, it’s difficult to compete with the big businesses. But, Google AdWords allows for you to show up in Google results right along with all those big businesses.
  2. Get Local
    If you’re a small business, it’s likely that you want local customers. Google AdWords allows you to set location targeting options. Google AdWords provides several different options such as country-based, regionally-based, radius targeting, etc. These options will allow for your ad to appear when these location requirements are met, providing you with local customers. With these location options, you can also target specific demographics, such as income level.
  3. Provide Contact Info At A Glance
    By utilizing the ad extension options, you can display your local phone number, physical address, coupons, etc. right on the Google listing of your website. This allows future customers easier access to the information they are most likely searching for. Making the process easier for your customers will definitely create better business.4. Keywords – Learn To Love Em
    When it comes to Google AdWords, keywords are potentially the most important aspect to utilize. The better your keywords, the better your success. Keywords determine when and where your ads will appear, so it’s very important that your keywords are specific. You can also utilize your keywords to help with targeting by using specific keywords such as “Portland, OR.”5. Get Em While They’re Searching on Mobile
    We recently wrote about how Mobile is the New Black. Google AdWords does not ignore this fact. You get tons of mobile optimization options when you use Google AdWords so that your future customers/clients can find you on-the-go or right from the comfort of their own home.6. Advertise Where Your Customers Go
    Google AdWords allows you to choose where your ads will actually be seen. You know that web design blog you read the other day? They’re probably a part of the Google Display Network, meaning their ads are straight from Google. When you setup your campaign, you can choose from a few different options, one of which is “Display Network Only.” Until you begin to understand how Google AdWords works, you’ll want to utilize the “Search and Display” option because it gives you a broader reach.If all of this sounds like something you cannot handle yourself or simply do not know how to utilize Google AdWords properly, contact us and ask about how we can help with SEO and the use of Google AdWords.

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