Get ready for Google Mobilegeddon

Starting on April 21st, Google will take the mobile friendliness of each site into account when calculating mobile rankings. Are you ready for this change? Or will you give way to your competitors who have, most probably, optimized their websites for mobile search already?

We have had our hands full for the last month prepping new responsive websites. There are a lot of sites out there however that won’t meet Google’s mobile friendly standards. If you have to pinch your fingers an zoom to see anything on your website, this needs to be the time to start thinking mobile.

On Tuesday 21st, if your sites aren’t mobile-friendly you can kiss rankings on Google search good bye. We are already preparing for clients knocking on the virtual door asking where their website is… This is going to be a hard pill to swallow for businesses of all sizes. Those of us in the web industry have seen plenty of hints dropped from Google.

If you know your site needs a mobile friendly presence, contact us to see what options are available and how Northwest Media Collective can help your digital assests.

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