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5 Website Design Trends In 2023 To Keep An Eye On

Welcome to 2023!

NWMC is excited to discuss the website design trends that we’ll see in 2023. It’s a new year, and that means new website trends! From Y2K to Loading Animations, there are a few trends to keep your eye on. Our web designers and developers are excited to talk about these new web design trends.

What Are Some Website Design Trends We’ll See in 2023?

The look and feel of websites have changed drastically over the years. With the ever-evolving landscape of technology and web design, what were once trendsetting designs are now outdated. So, what website design trends can we expect to see in 2023? Let’s explore some potential website design trends that will be popular in the next few years.

Y2K Aesthetic

One trend that’s making a comeback is Y2K aesthetics. Y2K is a design trend that takes inspiration from the early 2000s when the internet was still in its infancy. Bright neon colors, futuristic fonts, and glossy graphics characterize this trend. It’s a playful and nostalgic style that is popular among young designers. This trend is often associated with the rise of cyberculture and the early days of the internet. It is often used to evoke a sense of nostalgia among designers who grew up in the 2000s.

Custom Fonts & Lettering

As seen above, nostalgia is a big part of website design in 2023. We will look at the types of fonts and lettering that will have a sense of nostalgia as well.  As we move into 2023, trends will be big in the world of custom fonts and lettering. Here are a few of our favorites:

Big, Bold Fonts:

We predict big, bold fonts will be all the rage in 2023. This trend has already started to emerge in recent years, but it’s going to continue to grow in popularity. These fonts are perfect for making a statement and grabbing attention. If you want  to make a big impact with your website design, these fonts are for you! .

Hand-Lettered Fonts:

Another trend that will be big in 2023 is hand-lettered fonts. These fonts are unique and add a personal touch to your website design. If you want your website to stand out from the crowd, consider using fonts like Clagista or Himalaya Script..

Serif Fonts:

Serif fonts have been around for centuries, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. These classic fonts are elegant and easy to read, making them perfect for website design. Consider using a serif font if  you’re looking for a timeless font that will never go out of style.

Deeper Dimensionality

We’re going to see some bold neon designs with handwritten fonts, but also, in 2023, we will see a shift from traditional 2D website design to websites with a more three-dimensional feel. This trend has already emerged, with some early adopters experimenting with 3D elements on their sites. As technology evolves, we will see more designers experimenting with depth and dimensionality in their work.

Some of the ways we will see this trend manifest itself include the following:

  1. Parallax scrolling: This technique, which some designers are already using, creates an illusion of depth by having different elements scroll at different speeds.
  2. Shadows and lighting effects: By playing with light and shadow, designers can create a sense of depth on flat surfaces.
  3. Animation: We will see more designers using animation to add a sense of movement and life to their designs.
  4. Virtual reality: As virtual reality becomes more mainstream, we will start to see more designers experiment with this technology to create truly immersive experiences for their users.
  5. 3D elements: More designers will incorporate  3D models and illustrations into their work.
  6. Augmented Reality: Some designers will start experimenting with incorporating it  into their work, allowing users to interact with their designs in new and innovative ways.
  7. Holograms: Holograms are another way designers can add  depth and dimensionality to their work. While they are not yet common, we may start to see them used more in the coming years as  technology improves.
  8. Microinteractions: Microinteractions are small animations that help guide users through a website or app and provide feedback about their actions. They add a sense of fun and playfulness to a design while still serving a purposeful function.
  9. Video backgrounds: Video backgrounds are another way to add movement and life to a website design. While they have been used sparingly in the past, we will start to see them used more frequently as bandwidth speeds continue to increase.

Loading Animations

In today’s fast-paced world, people have shorter attention spans than ever before. This is especially true when it comes to waiting for web pages to load. By adding a loading animation, designers can keep users engaged while waiting, improving  the user experience. In addition, loading animations allow designers to flex their creative muscles and come up with something truly unique. With so many websites out there competing for users’ attention, anything that can help a website stand out from the crowd is worth considering.

Easier Collaboration

Another trend this year that’s less about design and more about usability is using more tools for collaboration. As remote work has become increasingly popular, collaboration is a major priority for many businesses. To make it easier for workers to collaborate, websites need interfaces that are easy to navigate and offer multiple ways to interact. Popular tools that we will see more of this year include chatbots, video conferencing, document sharing, and project management tools.

Work With Our Website Design and Development Team

With all these new website design trends, it’s easy to see why hiring a local web designer from Vancouver, WA, is so important. If you’re looking to create a successful website this year, work with our award-winning website design and development team at NW Media Collective. We’ve been winners of The Columbian Best of Clark County for multiple years. We’ll help you successfully reach your target audience and provide them with long-term value into the future through dedicated support services in their own backyard.

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