Creative Director

Abby is a photoshop master, second to none. She has a strong design eye and knows when something looks good. If you find something you like, her ability to recreate an exact match as a layered photoshop file quickly and with precision, is impressive and useful. Her world-class technical skills and understanding across many platforms (web, print, video, animated graphics, code, writing) make her a strong leader and team member, whether she’s doing the actual work or evaluating and communicating what is needed. From translating programmer needs for the client to translating client needs for the programmer, Abby knows enough on both sides to be a good translator and problem solver. Abby is an exquisite listener, asks the right questions and can quickly grasp a client’s goals and make recommendations for how to execute and reach or exceed those goals. Abby is a conscientious team leader, a trustworthy client advocate, and a creative visual storyteller (in any medium).

Lead Developer

Having done photoshop work for Bloomingdale’s, Bon Marché and R.E.I, Travis is an expert in photoshop retouching and image manipulation for print and web. He can translate client requests to functional code with apparent ease. Travis is a domain and hosting expert, is an actual domain registrar and has been hosting websites for over 20 years (started hosting his own website in his own closet in 1994). A social media wizard, Travis has well over 10K twitter followers and has reaped the benefits (including an invite to google, free swag and some notable twitter followers). Travis has been writing in PHP since before WordPress even existed, and since WordPress came into the picture – he’s upped his game by becoming a WordPress expert, plugin writer, theme developer and master customizer of all things WordPress. You might hear him mention he’s in a private WordPress group that helps vote on ways to improve WordPress; it really does help being in a group with other developers and the wordpress founders; he can (and does) reach out directly to any of the big plugin developers through his group and uses that WP-hivemind to generate solutions to complex challenges. Travis is a well-rounded lead developer, a domain and hosting guru and a WordPress authority.

WordPress Developer

His combination of skills and education in web design, WordPress, and Adobe are unique in the website design industry and make him a very skilled web designer. He builds and maintains WordPress sites even in his spare time.

MultiMedia Producer

She is a multimedia artist, designer and videographer based in Portland, Oregon. Her passion for the digital arts began over a decade ago and she has since been evolving her skills across several mediums including sound design, video production, and web design.

Web Developer

Tannyr is a talented front end developer that’s passionate about the latest technology. He is a master of Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS. He always goes above and beyond; offering solutions to our clients that they did not even know existed before. A strong believer that less is more, he is passionate about solving problems through code.

Web Designer

Nolan has a passion for web design and cyber security. He knows website code and best practices. He is our resident jack of all trades, and jumps on website projects as needed.

Holly Stassens
Web Designer

Web designers have a unique set of skills. They have to be highly digital and detail oriented, but also capable of thinking out how to compartmentalize information, so that your company’s story is presented both logically and in a visually compelling way.

After graduation, she worked for a local digital agency where she worked on a number of websites. We know that at some point she materialized again in Vancouver, WA because we hired her.