Meet The Team

When Abby co-founded the company, her vision was to build a team that matched her desire to produce exceptional results. Thanks to her ability to develop each team member's "superpower," the business delivers solutions that pack an outsized punch.
Abby Spyker


With plugins on WordPress, a Big Tech influencer, and the company’s Founder, Travis has a level of web expertise only attainable through a lifetime of raising industry standards. If you bring him a problem dubbed impossible, he’ll forgo sleep to find a solution. Have a podcast? Book me on
Travis Buck


Brittani Roberts

Operations & Account Manager

Kelsey is a top-shelf cocktail of laser-like focus, strategic thinking, and eloquent prose. Her in-depth understanding of technical and non-technical SEO, as well as digital marketing know-how, make her powerful concoction on our team.
Kelsey Suski

Marketing Manager

Rarely do you find such a balance of design eye, code savvy, WordPress comprehension, UX strategy, lean problem solving, and out-of-the-box thinking. Her multitude of capabilities means Holly is an ideal Lead Developer and UX Engineer.
Holly Stassens

Lead Developer

Few things make Tannyr smile bigger than learning a new piece of code. He’s a machine learning system in human form and embraces challenges with methodical zeal. If it can be done with code, Tannyr will figure it out. And it will be the most efficient solution.
Tannyr Ellingson

Web Developer

Steven is hard-working hard-core Website Developer, he is an active member of the development community. He has a background multiple coding languages like PHP, MySQL, Vue.js, React, Python to name a few.
Steven Haye

Web Developer

Sophia develops, manages and executes digital marketing strategies across a variety of industries. With a background in marketing, copywriting, and design, Sophia helps lead digital marketing strategies for our clients.
Sophia Brady

SEO and Marketing Manager

Jeweliette comes with a social media background working for companies like Pinterest and Managing 100+ advertiser accounts. Her experience is an asset to any business owner looking to achieve better results through online marketing.
Jeweliette Cordero

Integrated Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Mason manages and optimizes SEM campaigns across a variety of industries. He has a background in digital marketing, working with Google, Bing, and other SEM programs. His experience in SEM makes him an important part of the team.
Mason Starkman

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist


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