Meet The Team

Abby web
When Abby co-founded the company, her vision was to build a team that matched her desire to produce exceptional results. Thanks to her ability to develop each team member's "superpower," the business delivers solutions that pack an outsized punch.
Abby Spyker


Travis web
With plugins on WordPress, a Big Tech influencer, and the company’s Founder, Travis has a level of web expertise only attainable through a lifetime of raising industry standards. If you bring him a problem dubbed impossible, he’ll forgo sleep to find a solution.
Travis Buck


Angie web
As our Account Manager, Angie does more than streamline our invoicing process. She’s one of the few Designers we’ve come across that understands the rule of thirds just as well as she can configure spreadsheets. Graphics and Marketing are her forte.
Angie Fernandez

Account Manager

Katie web
Katie is the Queen Bee of the hive. Her previous management role and infectious positivity mean she knows how to uplift and effectively coordinate her “workers.” She uses KPIs to not only track progress but also to optimize and automate processes.
Katie Fennelly

Project Manager

Jamie web
We hit the jackpot with Jamie. Her degrees in psychology and design make her a rock-star Lead Designer, attune to the nuances of human behavior. For a design that is both captivating and user-friendly, just ask Jamie. Did we mention that she can code too?
Jamie Godfrey

Lead Visual Designer

Tannyr web
Few things make Tannyr smile bigger than learning a new piece of code. He’s a machine learning system in human form and embraces challenges with methodical zeal. If it can be done with code, Tannyr will figure it out. And it will be the most efficient solution.
Tannyr Ellingson

Web Developer

Holly web
Rarely do you find such a balance of design eye, code savvy, WordPress comprehension, UX strategy, lean problem solving, and out-of-the-box thinking. Her multitude of capabilities means Holly is an ideal Lead Developer and UX Engineer.
Holly Stassens

Lead Developer

Andy web
With a spectrum of expertise, Andy is our go-to-guy when we encounter complex challenges—particularly the multi-step variety found in the back-end developer space. Best of all, he can clearly explain web development to people who aren’t code-fluent.
Andy Erickson

Full-Stack Developer

Belal web
Originally from Libya, Belal operates in multiple languages: Arabic, English, JavaScript—to name a few. Apple scholarship recipient, Facebook coder, and independent app developer, Belal can make it better in any language.
Belal Sejouk

Web Developer

Kelsey is a top-shelf cocktail of laser-like focus, strategic thinking, and eloquent prose. Her in-depth understanding of technical and non-technical SEO, as well as digital marketing know-how, make her powerful concoction on our team.
Kelsey Suski

Content / SEO Specialist

MGVphoto 0324611
Madi is usually hanging out upstairs eager to greet new visitors
Madi (Mads)

Front Desk

We’ve done everything from websites to live streams, check out our work.