Domain management Services

What is domain management?

Domain name management is the process of securing a domain portfolio from external threats and making sure all domain names have current registration. Domain owners need to be able to renew registration and access the hosting provider. They also need to access domain name servers, which connect websites to services like email providers and Google’s search performance and advertising tools.

Keep in mind, a domain is not the same as a website. Domain is the name of a website and therefore gives it identity. People can only find your website with a URL that contains the correct domain name. Think of the domain name registration as the key that allows customers to access a company’s website. Even the most extensive website can be taken offline if there’s a problem with the domain.

Some businesses may register a wide variety of domains to prevent competitors or bad actors from spoofing their domain. Correctly managing a portfolio of multiple domain names is important. If a domain expires, a reseller can buy it up and charge the business a high fee to buy it back.

Since domain names need to be renewed annually, domain name management isn’t always the most pressing issue on the minds of company leadership. However, it’s easy for a domain to lapse if a company bank card has changed or an IT person left and forgot to share the credentials for the domain registrar.

Where we come in as your marketing agency. There are a lot of web developement companies that don’t manage your domains. They can help technically build a website, but dont have the expertise in name server management that we have with over 20+ years of experience. NW Media Collective has started offering a service where we help small business owners manage their domain names.

    • Domain Consultancy
    • Best practices implementation
    • Domain name acquisition & management
    • DNS Management

Regardless of the registrar you choose, we keep track of your username and password and keep your account and domain contact information up to date, especially the email contacts, so you receive the ICANN and registrar notices. Most importantly, make sure you renew the domain name(s) before the expiration date to retain ownership.