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WordPress voted most trusted brand by small businesses

At the end of last year Alignable surveyed 6000 small business owners across North America.  WordPress even ranks above Google. WordPress isn’t a company, but it is a platform many businesses trust to present their services online.  Most of the WordPress community have mixed feelings on the use of the term company for WordPress.  Instead WordPress is a community of developers who work to add value to the code behind the platform.

Nevertheless, most of the brands included are also representative of several different products. The scores are more of a general indication of the trustworthiness of the brand name, although creators of the Net Promoter System claim that a high NPS can point toward long-term profitable growth. If you’re in the business of building websites or applications for clients, it’s good to know that the trustworthiness of the WordPress brand is ranking high among industry competitors.

You can download a copy of the survey here Alignable-SMB-Trust-Index-Q4-2015

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