Why WordPress is great for small business

WordPress has a lot of great attributes about it, and can be used with success by quite a few different people and organizations. Specifically for small businesses, WordPress is an ideal platform to get your name out there, produce a professional and great-looking website, and get found by customers alike.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why using WordPress can be such a great idea for a small business seeking to expand a customer base and develop their brand and reputation online:

Great Search Engine Optimization Tools

Even on their completely free platforms, WordPress provides quite a few different tools to promote SEO and get you found in Google Search results. You can use their tweaks, too, and plug-ins and add-ons of a wide variety, to get even higher in search results with your site. Plus, since WordPress is a blogging-based platform originally, it filters search results based on keywords and images in your site, ranking you higher than your competition on Google, Yahoo, and the like!

Content Matters In Marketing!

Nowadays, content is critical for those seeking to market themselves and their businesses. On WordPress, updating content without knowing technical HTML code is a breeze, and you can be your own best friend as an editor, writer, and content creator. It’s a breeze to log in, change content, add pages, and more!

Extensions and Plug-Ins To Love And Use

WordPress has hundreds of different extensions and plug-ins that you can use with great success in your website. Whether it is picking out the perfect theme or design for your site, or adding plug-ins to catch spam or make your website more social, there are literally hundreds of features that are just a single click away from you having completely perfected and changed your website!

Technical Support When You Need It

Unlike other website and blogging organizations, WordPress offers technical support when you need it, and the ability to talk directly to developers if you ever get stuck anywhere. In addition, WordPress also has detailed and very helpful tutorials that you can search through and use to ensure that you need not worry if you get stuck somewhere or need help adding something to your site.

Installation That’s Quick and Simple

With WordPress, there’s no need to go through hours to install the platform on the back end of your website. Quick installations are provided through countless hosting providers to allow you to use WordPress seamlessly, whether on DreamHost, BlueHost, 1and1, or other providers and web domain companies.

All in all, WordPress is a must for a small business seeking out better content, better SEO, and above all else, better control over their own websites. If you are somebody who wants to have more of a say in how your website looks, what it does for customers, and how it feels when being used, WordPress is ideal for you as you seek to develop your organization and spread your business with a simple, great looking website that actually works!

We have been building websites with WordPress since 2005. This isn’t a one size fits all solution, but for small business websites it’s a very good solution. We want to help our clients utilize a website they can update down the road.  There is maintenance with all websites, and it’s great to have a small web firm you can trust.  If your paying someone to update a website for you and it’s taking more time than you would like, maybe a WordPress solution is right up your alley.

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