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Why a website is a great end of the year tax write off

Did you know websites make for a good end of the year expense. Marketing and advertising investments are 100% tax deductible, unlike some equipment purchases that aren’t eligible for 100% deductions . This means every dollar invested in marketing can be effectively written off with your taxes.

December is always a good time for a new website, and instead of paying in two or three payments, pay in full to maximize full write-off benefits. What many businesses might not understand is that a new, well optimized website can double conversions on your site. This could potentially give you an edge on another competitor in your industry.

Another thing to think about this year is your branding. A brand update that includes an updated logo, business cards, and sales material to help recharge your brand for the first quarter of next year.

The end of the year is a good time to talk to your digital media company. This is a great time to start planning your new year digital marketing plan. Did you know we work with a lot of local companies to help plan their digital marketing plan? If your looking to talk with a website and digital marketing professional, contact us today.

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