Where did my web designer go?

Web designers disappear often. No one really knows where they go either. If you work on websites long enough though, you start helping clients who have a missing web person.

If your web person disappeared on you, just know your not alone. The ongoing theory here is that a one person web design company takes on a few too many projects at one time.  Then they take on a larger website that might be bigger than one person can handle. This will be the straw that breaks them.

Juggling multiple projects isn’t easy, and eventually projects start falling behind. If the mess they made is too large, they walk  away.

This is a known problem in our industry

We have worked with a lot clients who find themselves in a situaion where they have a website, and aren’t in contact with the person who originally built it.

There are site owners out there living with items that can be fixed on their website. Things like

  • Incorrect hours and pricing
  • Incorrect contact info
  • Out of date software
  • No backup of the website
  • Contact forms not working
  • and so much more…

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