Webhost agrees to pay 1m after ransomware

A webhosting company recently agreed to paying 1 million dollars to a ransomware attack that was holding its data hostage. This included 3400 customer websites.  It’s similar to what we are seeing going around hitting windows computers. Only this effects web servers. A blog post on Saturday said Nayana hosting engineers were in the process of recovering these websites. In the post they cautioned that the recovery was difficult and would take time. There are plenty of out dated hosting providers out there that might not have your data protected as well as you think they do.

This is why having your site backed up offsite and away from the hosting is important. We’ve had our share of hosting copanies losing websites. Web hosting companies will even tell you to keep your own website backups. Your website is that 24/7 employee that some how gets forgotten about until they go offline.  If your website went down tomorrow, what’s your backup plan?

This is one of the reasons that we have website maintenance plans. If for whatever reason your web host loses your website due to ransomware, we would simply find new hosting and restore the site in a few hours.

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