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Web Trends We’ll See in 2015

2015The new year is here. With the new year, comes new web trends. We are here to predict what the 2015 web design trends of the year will be and why.


In 2014, mobile-friendly websites were loved and needed. In 2015, the case remains the same. However, creating responsive websites, something Northwest Media Collective has done from the get-go, will be in style. This allows for your website to be adjusted according to the screen size of the web browser viewing your site. If an individual looks at your website on their phone, tablet and laptop/desktop, they will see a slightly different rendition of the exact same website. Responsive websites remove the need for redirects to mobile-specific websites.


menu-2-512A major trend of responsive and/or mobile-specific websites is hidden menus. This year, we are going to see this more and more in responsive web designs. Hiding the menu under a pancake (also called hamburger) button adds some real estate to the page. This allows more content to be shown above the fold as well as on the page as a whole. Typically, clicking or tapping the pancake button pulls out a menu that overlays the rest of the content and another click/tap closes the menu, returning the user to the main content of the website. Having a legible pancake button in the corner of your website looks sleek and provides your user with more information and reading space.


Telling a story is a major aspect of every website. Whether it is a story about a place, the people/team, the product or anything else, a story tells the audience that you are a real, live person behind this computer screen. The trend in 2015 will be to make that an interactive story as opposed to just text or video. For a great example of interactive storytelling, check out the Seattle Space Needle website.

We foresee many more trends coming up in the next 12 months, but these 3 seem to be most prominent at the moment.

We can help build you an updated website for the new year. Simply contact us and we will get started!

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