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What Is User-Generated Content & Why Is It Important?

User-Generated Content (UGC) is any content-selfies, videos, reviews, etc. – created by people and not brands. Oftentimes, brands will use user-generated content in their marketing strategies. 

In this article, you’ll learn what user-generated content is, plus a few other things: 

  • Understand the benefits of using UGC in your campaigns
  • See how big and small brands execute UGC 
  • Get actionable tips to help your user-generated content get more engagement and conversions for your brand

What is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content (UGC) is any content that is made by people such as followers or users of a platform, not by a branded company. It influences engagement and increases conversions. Also, it can be used on multiple social media channels as well as email newsletters, landing pages for marketing, and even checkout pages

Why is User-Generated Content Important for Your Brand?

User-generated content is important because it is used throughout all stages of the buyer’s journey. 

Additionally, user-generated content: 

  • Helps establish brand loyalty and grow a community 
  • Acts as a trust signal 
  • Increases conversions and influences purchasing decisions
  • Is adaptable and flexible – You can use it for almost any kind of marketing strategy 
  • Is more cost-effective than influencer marketing
  • Works in harmony with social eCommerce 

User-Generated Content Examples

A great example of a user-generated content platform is Instagram. It’s visual, aesthetically pleasing, and easy for companies to share UGC on their own profile. Here are additional UGC examples:

  • Images  
  • Videos
  • Review 
  • Testimonials 
  • podcast 

Why is Content Moderation Important for User-Generated Campaigns? 

Content moderation is important for user-generated content marketing because you want to make sure that the content submitted by users fits your brand. UGC is a part of storytelling and you want to make sure the content you use is on brand and matches your business’s goals. 

Aside from matching your brand, UGC moderation is also used to make sure that nothing inappropriate gets submitted or used for a UGC campaign. For example, if you are a company that sells hard seltzers, you want to make sure that anyone who is submitting UGC is 21 years of age or older. 

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What is Meant by Content Moderation? 

Content Moderation is the practice of moderating inappropriate content online. Brands do this by applying a set of rules and guidelines to user-generated content submissions to determine if that content is suitable for the brand to accept. This practice helps filter out content that could be irrelevant, obscene, illegal, or harmful.

What Is Content Moderation In Social Media 

Content moderation for social media is the practice of filtering out content that could be irrelevant, obscene, illegal or harmful. The three main purposes of content moderation are: 

  • aligning with your branding
  • helping you reach your brands goals and
  • is appropriate for all ages 

How To Create User-Generated Content

Building a user-generated content strategy goes beyond just understanding what types of content you need from your audience. You should align your UGC campaign with broader social media goals like building brand awareness or driving more conversions. 

Once you have a clear UGC, create a simple statement and tell users what kind of content you are most likely to feature. Get the word out by sharing it anywhere users are likely to interact with your brand: 

  • Your social channels bios
  • In other UGC social media posts
  • On your website 
  • In your physical location 
  • Or even on your product packaging

Tips to Keep in Mind

As you begin your journey into user-generated content, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Always request permission – When you ask for permission, you show the original poster that you appreciate their content and get them excited about sharing their post. You will also keep yourself out of a sticky situation regarding copyright concerns. 
  • Credit the original creator – When you share user-generated content, make sure to give clear credit to the original creator. Tag them directly in the post to show your appreciation of their content. 
  • Be clear about what kind of content you’re looking for – UGC creators really want you to share their content! That means they want clear instructions on what type of content to create. Don’t be afraid to get specific with your guidelines.

Implement User-Generated Content Into Your Marketing Strategy. 

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