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Turning Your Website into a Business Asset

What role does your website play in your larger business plan? Does your site represent an expense you had to pay to have it built or is your website a valuable asset that’s an essential part of your sales strategy?

In today’s business environment, it’s vital that your website be an asset rather than something that’s just lingering on the Internet. Companies that aren’t taking full advantage of their website’s potential to generate leads are missing out on opportunities to increase conversions and sales.

In order to turn your website into a lead generating machine, you’ll need to incorporate certain things into your website design. Keep reading to learn what you should do to turn your website into an invaluable business asset now.

Optimize for Mobile

Even if you only follow Internet trends casually, you probably heard that mobile devices surpassed desktop computers as the primary means to access the Internet in 2016. What does this mean for your web design? It means that it’s critical for your website to be optimized for mobile devices.

According to Moz, mobile optimization “is the process of ensuring that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device.” This means it’s not enough for your website to look great and work well on a desktop or laptop. It must also be configured to look and work great on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

In general, mobile optimization requires a responsive web design that’s geared to provide a satisfying user experience while a website’s visitor is on the move. Page speed, website design that accounts for “fat fingers”, and online content that makes the most of local searches are all vital pieces to a successful, mobile-friendly website that’s capable of driving leads and conversions.

Lead Generation Forms

It’s unreasonable to expect people who visit your website to share information when you don’t ask them to provide any. It’s equally unreasonable to expect your visitors to hunt for a contact form when you want them to respond to your calls to action.

With these things in mind, your web design should include provisions for a lead generation form on every page on your website. When lead generation forms are readily accessible, it greatly increases the chances that a visitor will fill them out.

You can also increase the likelihood that someone will fill out a form by not asking for too much information. This is especially important when you initially ask a visitor to share some information. Set up your lead generation forms so that visitors are first asked to share a minimum amount of non-personal information to establish trust.

Tracking Analytics

To maximize the benefit you get from your website, you need to track some key analytics about its performance. Obviously, you’ll want to track the number of leads your site generates as well as the number of conversions it produces. While those numbers are significant, other metrics can be equally meaningful because they can identify areas where you can make improvements. Here are some of the other metrics you should track: interactions per visit, bounce rate, traffic sources, time spent per visit, exit pages, and cost per conversion.

If you’re overwhelmed by the notion of turning your website into a valuable business asset or other aspects of your operation require your undivided attention, you should contact NW Media Collective. We’ll use our proven website design skills to make your site an asset that produces as many leads as possible. Contact NW Media Collective and let us help your website take off and generate leads today.


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