Mobile is the new black

90% of us in the United States own a cell phone and 58% of those are smartphones, according to the Pew Research Internet Project as of June 12, 2014. We are constantly connected to the worldwide web, social media, email and more. These facts alone prove that having a responsive or mobile version of your website is crucial in today’s web-based society.

Individuals are surfing the web while on-the-go, therefore on their smartphones, as opposed to desktops or laptops. If your website is not responsive or you do not have a mobile landing page, people get annoyed with needing to zoom in to view the page, have a difficult time locating navigation or clicking buttons, as well as other issues.

Mobile devices are not a trend – they are a new standard. Between smartphones and tablets, websites are being viewed on mobile devices more and more every single day.

Your website is meant to make finding information quick, easy and efficient for your customers; why would you neglect a mobile or responsive website? Your users are on their mobile devices as stated previously. They need to be able to access information from any platform, not just a web browser on a desktop or laptop.

By utilizing a website design that is responsive, you avoid needing to have your website designer develop a separate mobile website for your company. When you have a responsive website design, your site reacts to the size of the device screen whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Check out a project we did, Cascade Furniture, on your desktop/laptop and on your smartphone for an example of responsive web design.

Overall, mobile devices are completely changing the game of the internet. Websites, if successful, must be responsive and mobile-ready and provide a great website experience on any device. Chat with us about how we can provide you with a great website design that is also responsive and mobile-ready.


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