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Keep an Eye Out for These Website Design Trends in 2019

Whether you work as a WordPress developer or designer exclusively or you create websites for other platforms, it’s vital for you to stay on top of the latest web design trends. A lot changes from one year to the next and some new trends will invariably reign supreme throughout 2019.

Studies show that a website has as little as 50 milliseconds, which is the equivalent of 0.05 seconds, to make an impression on a viewer. One way you can ensure your website can make a positive impression on a visitor in less than a second is to incorporate some of the latest trends into your website design. 


It’s common knowledge that people will often abandon a website if it takes too long to load. What do a lot of people consider too long? Three seconds or more is the general rule of thumb.

Because people are quick to navigate away from a website if it doesn’t load fast enough, speed has to be in the forefront of every web designer’s mind. This is particularly true since Google initiated its Google Speed Update in July, 2018. With this update in effect, Google now prioritizes websites that load faster than others in its search engine results pages.

For websites to retain visitors and for them to rank well in SERPs, speed should be a top priority for web designers and developers in 2019 and beyond.


Minimalist website designs, also referred to as “flat designs,” started to become a thing in 2017 and they’ll continue to be trendy in 2019. Flat web designs are heralded for loading quickly and allowing both desktop and mobile users to view them with ease. By their very nature, minimalist designs satisfy a lot of the key speed requirements search engines have for websites to rank well by cutting out clutter like non-compressed, hi-resolution images and videos.

Just because they’re minimalist, it doesn’t mean flat website designs are unattractive or boring. In fact, the opposite is usually true. Flat designs often boast contrasting bright colors, captivating imagery and neat fonts. In other words, all of a flat design’s parts come together to provide a visually pleasing user experience that successfully engages visitors.

Video Backgrounds

Even with flat website design being a leading trend in 2019, many websites will still feature video backgrounds. Given the choice, the majority of people would prefer to watch a video rather than read text about the same subject. This is one of the reasons why video is successful at keeping people on websites longer.

When your visitors spend more time on your website, several important things happen. First, it improves your time on site metric which, in turn, makes your search engine optimization better. It also increases the likelihood that your visitors will convert.

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