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Its time for web design to get local

In the midst of this global pandemic, it’s important to remember to buy local.  As more and more companies begin to receive some relief money, we should all strive to keep that money local. Everyone agrees we need to order take out and curbside from neighborhood businesses to help them weather this storm, but what about web and digital marketing services?

Keeping It Local

Many web companies outsource the service part of their business to other countries. There are a number of reasons a company might choose to do this. It can lower costs and allows some companies to get some really advanced web programming done at a cheaper price. In light of recent events, however, it’s essential that we keep as much money as possible within our local economy.

37 percent of small businesses outsource

Did you know NW Media Collective has a small, local staff? Almost all the outside support services we use are from domestic, American companies. We’ve consciously stayed away from international support services. Money spent with us stays in the Vancouver/Portland area. Our local employees buy homes, cars, food, etc all from the community around us. It’s important now to really question where our money is going and how we can best support our community and the local economy.

Get Back on Your Feet

If you’re a business here in town starting the process of reopening, we want to hear from you. We have graphic designers, web designers, photographers, videographers, and printers, people you’ll need to get up and running again. Let us know how we can help you, and in so doing, help to build a stronger community.

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