Is your website ready for the next Google Penguin update

The next Google Penguin update is out there and was predicted to hit this quarter.  It hasn’t yet, but we know its coming.  These updates re-crawl your website to help postion your content on Google.  This is when its important to have a company that knows SEO by your side.

Start with the basics. In that past few years, many WordPress theme authors have stepped up to the plate to create themes that are SEO optimized.This means two main things: code and speed.  Google uses your sites speed as a ranking factor. Better written code gives us faster websites, and faster sites means it will load on your mobile phone before the screen goes dark.

Look at your content again and make sure you have proper use of heading and meta title tags. Now make sure you are writing high quality content.  This means unique content that is helpful and easily shareable.  You will notice the traffic benefits when youg get this right.

When looking at an SEO company, know that Google doesn’t have any sort of SEO certification.  Google’s Gary Illyes mentions this in a recent article. You want to find a company that will look out for your website, and be aware of the latest SEO advances that might have an effect on your websites rankings.  If your going to hire a company to do SEO for your website. Remember the golden rule, hire slow and fire fast.  Within reason ofcourse.  Search engine optimization is atleast a 3 month process.  No one tells Google when to come back to your site.  Generally someone even changing content on your site will show some search benefits in a few months.

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