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How to remove SiteLock

If you found this post, your probably desperately looking for a way to easily uninstall SiteLock.

If you need the SiteLock app disabled immediately, you will need to delete the .fastinclude file from the ‘web root’ (document root) of your website.

To delete this file:

1. Log into your cPanel account
2. Navigate to ‘File Manager’
3. Choose the ‘Web Root (public_html/www)’ option and ensure ‘Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)’ is ticked.
4. Click Go
5. Select the public_html folder on the left
6. Select the file named ‘.fastinclude’ and click Delete

After deleting this file, the app will be removed instantly.

If you have paid for one of their upgraded solutions then you will see a folder called “sitelock” in the root directory.  Simply delete that folder.

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