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How to Maximize Your Local SEO Efforts

Even if you run a brick and mortar or your business relies on foot traffic, local SEO remains key to bringing in more customers to purchase goods or services. SEO, however, does not remain static. It continues to evolve to accommodate updates to Google’s algorithm as well as changes to user behavior. 

A few years ago, Google made a dramatic change to local search that continues to rattle the otherwise steely nerves of many digital marketers to this day. Rather than continue with the then-familiar seven listings in its local pack, Google reduced the number of listings to just three.

Google didn’t stop there. The search giant also changed the information included in the listings contained within the local pack, forgoing phone numbers in favor of hours of operation. Whereas the previous iteration of Google’s local pack had links to businesses’ Google+ pages, the new three-pack features links to their respective websites.

These changes—and more—still have many savvy marketers wondering, “How can I stay relevant in local search?” 

Best Practices for Local SEO

If you’re curious about what you can do to stay competitive in local search, you can take comfort in knowing it’s not as difficult as you might think. Staying relevant may be as simple as following these local SEO best practices.

Even if you follow all the current best practices, you need to remember that search engine optimization takes time to produce results. Employing local SEO best practices now is like laying the foundation for the success you’ll enjoy at a future point. It’s still a worthy endeavor even though it may not pay off tomorrow. 

Create a Google My Business Listing

Whether you run a new or established brand, you need to create a Google My Business listing if you want your website to do well in local searches. Most organic searches are initiated on Google, which is why creating a Google My Business listing is essential. This listing will help you get the most out of Google and the third parties that use Google Maps to provide location information to searchers. If your business has been established for a while, it is likely you already have a Google My Business listing created. If a listing already exists, you’ll need to claim it instead of creating one from scratch.

Update Your Listings in Online Directories

“NAP” is shorthand for name, address, and phone number. To rank well in local SERPs, it’s vital that your NAP is consistent across all directories where your business is listed. You can use tracking software to check your citations. If you notice any inconsistency in a directory, contact the site’s webmaster and ask them to update your listing with the correct information.

Engage in Local Link Building

Link building is an absolute must to have success with local SEO and to stay competitive in the local searches. The key to local link building is to direct links back to your website from local businesses that have authority in your specific geographic market.

Work with Our SEO Agency

With digital marketing and local SEO changing all the time, it makes sense to work with experts who are on top of the current best practices. If you want to continue to have success with local SEO, we encourage you to work with our SEO company. We are an experienced team that can help your website rank well in local SERPs.

From generating local links to creating quality content with a local focus, updating your NAP across directories, managing your structured data markups and much, much more—we’ll handle it all for you. Contact NW Media Collective Inc. to schedule a consultation today!

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