How can Google Adwords help promote your business

Adwords is Google’s online advertising program. The basic premise is to help you to promote your business or product, by allowing you to reach a large number of online customers.

It uses what’s known as “pay per click” advertising. This means using a bidding system for particular keywords and phrases connected to your business or product, you can dictate where your advert will appear on Google, but you only pay when someone actually clicks your Google Ad.

Google Adwords is incredibly reliable and an important source for online traffic for any size business.

Google Adwords allows you to:

  • 1. Focus your advertising campaign
  • Your advert is shown to those who are already searching for your kind of products and services; those who are using the key terms you’ve “purchased”. These people are more likely to act upon seeing your advert.
  • You can choose a whole range of parameters for your Google adwords ad; from times it is visible, to geographical locations.

2. Manage your advertising budget

  • You dictate you much you want to spend on your advertising campaign each month.
  • You can stop, pause and restart your campaign at any time; with no obligation.
  • CPC (cost per click) bidding means you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, not every time
  • The Google Ad actually appears in a search. This means you are getting the highest possible value for your money.

3. Measure the Return On Investment.

  • Google offers a reporting tool, that can show you the success of your advertising campaign.
  • View the demographics of your site visitors/customers, allowing you to focus future campaigns accordingly.
  • A variety of available diagnostic tools can help improve the impact of your advertisement.
  • Google will also suggest keywords, to expand the potential impact of your advertisement.

The flexibility of a Google Adwords account, coupled with its simplicity, means it is an essential tool for businesses large and small. The fact it offers low spend options and the tools to focus a campaign to a micro level (i.e. the neighborhood surrounding your shop), means there is an option for even the smallest of businesses – with
even smaller advertising budgets. Using Pay Per Click advertising also means that every penny you spend is worth it, a level of value that is important to businesses of all sizes!

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