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Google domains shutting down services and WordPress is offering free transfers

Google has recently sold its Google Domains service to Squarespace for about $180 million. This means that Squarespace will now take care of around ten million customer domain names.

Squarespace has promised to keep the same prices for renewing domains that were set by Google Domains, and this will last for a year. During this time, Google will be ending its domain name registration service. Squarespace plans to offer new tools and features to encourage people to continue using their services.

Additionally, Squarespace will be the only provider of domains for those who buy a new domain through Google Workspace, a software platform that helps people work together and be productive.

The deal is valued at $180 million, and it involves moving about ten million domain names to Squarespace. If everything goes smoothly with trade regulators, the acquisition is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2023.

If you’re switching from Google Domains to WordPress, WordPress is providing free transfers. They will cover the transfer costs and give you an extra year of domain registration. Visit WordPress to transfer your domains

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