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Facebook will start to rank links to slow websites lower on news feeds

Facebook will start to take into consideration the time it takes a page to load when visitors click the link in new feeds. What does this mean for your website? The new algorithm will penalize slow websites or slow loading pages. This could push your content down lower in your potential visitors Facebook feed.

Facebook’s new algorithm will estimate how long the destination link takes to load. Sites with slow loading content might see their exposure decrease on Facebook and traffic from Facebook come to a crawl.

The good news is Facebook has published a best practices guide. You can download it here. Google last year pushed to have that were slow loading to take action. Now we see a similar situation happening on Facebook. These platforms want to provide you with the best experience using their services and providing you links to better websites is one thing they can control.

If your website feels slow, now is the time to talk to us. We can help speed up your website, or even move your website to faster web hosting.

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