Easy WordPress migration tool for moving to WP Engine

Its important that your site loads fast and is hosted on a secure hosting platform. Increased website speed means lower bounce rates and increased conversion rates. We have seen a lot of website owners who what to migrate their websites to faster hosting.  WP Engine has always been hands down where we would send them.

Did you know WP Engine makes it easy for anyone to migrate their site to them? If you have a WordPress site, you can download their migration plugin.  The migration tool has a settings page. Basically jump into your WP Engine control panel and click migration. Take the details from this page and place them into the plugin. That’s it, the plugin will start moving the site.

Another cool thing is that part of the plugin utilizes Blogvault to help backup and migrate the files.  We have been using Blogvault for almost 4 years not to clone and migrate sites around the web.  Knowing WP Engine has a customized version of this tool made us want to get on board with their platform.  Developers can use this plugin to quickly clone out copies of the clients site to dev installs.

You can read more about the WP Engine Migration tool here

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