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Building Your Website with Lead Generation in Mind

If you’re like 85% of the B2B marketing field, you’ve likely had lead generation as a primary marketing goal for the last few years, as lead generation continues to pose a challenge to companies across industries. Being able to draw the attention of limited consumer attention amidst the chaotic and clamoring online landscape is a feat in and of itself, but once you have their attention, you have to figure out the best way to convert those leads into the army of brand-loyal supporters you need to sustain long term business goals. As we take our first steps into 2020, the team at NorthWest Media Collective wants to help your business turn this goal into one of your first successes of the year. Follow along as we break down three website design optimizations we think are crucial to maximizing lead generation. 

The Buyer Personas for the Job

With the ultimate goal of converting leads into sales, you’ll have a higher rate of conversion if you maximize the number of leads you generate, right? This is only true to a point, as it won’t help your sales team ultimately if you bog them down with leads that will never convert once they realize there’s no value in the relationship. It’s more important from the outset to work with a professional marketing partner to identify your buyer personas – that is, the types of clients you have the best chance of converting based on the value they find in your product or service. Identifying the right buyer personas means that you can tailor your inbound marketing and the on-page content to their specific needs and only attract interested leads, keeping your sales team busy with only the best leads. 

Website Design with Engagement, Conversion In Mind

Content is the lure you feature across social media and web directories to attract the proper buyer personas’ attention. Once you’ve led potential clients back to your website, your pages have to do the hard work of gathering information about your visitors. Your inbound marketing strategy should guide the various personas back to pages built to engage each in very specific, targeted ways. Using traffic metrics to determine which pages are receiving the most traffic, you can then engage calls to action (CTAs), chatbots, forms, exclusive content downloads, and other on-page tools to collect contact information and allow visitors to opt into future engagement from your team.  

Track Performance, Revise Your Approach

Designers will use A/B split testing methods – that is, using two pages that are mostly identical, with unique CTAs or differently worded forms intended to appeal to different user needs – in order to maximize traffic conversion. Performance of A/B options can be tracked using Google Analytics and other onsite metric tracking methods. These tools help to determine which of the marketing elements you’ve deployed throughout your web design, which content, and which inbound paths are generating the most traffic and leading to conversions with your sales team. The same tools can also help your team or your web development partner determine which pages are not converting and provide insight as to what changes need to be made in order to improve traffic and conversion rates.

Partner Up and Take Your Website to the Next Level

Lead generation isn’t for the faint of heart. While generating traffic and leads are goals for a majority of the industry, successfully accomplishing these goals are considered by 61% of B2B marketers as one of their top challenges. The methods we’ve outlined in this article are only the tip of the iceberg. Do you have a strategy for generating and sending follow-up emails after conversions to retain business? Do you have a content strategy in place for quarterly content across social media? Lead generation is a complicated process, one best tackled by experienced web development professionals with strong backgrounds in marketing and site development. Contact our offices for more information about effective lead generation tactics and how Northwest Media Collective can help drive the most qualified leads to your sales team.

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