ADA Website Compliance Test

What Do These ADA Statistics Mean for Your Website?

  • Website Related ADA Lawsuits Up 181% in 2018

  • Top 5 States for Web Related ADA Federal Lawsuits NY PA CA FL TX

  • Top 5 Industries Affected by Web Related ADA Lawsuits in 2018 Retail Food Travel Banking and Entertainment

  • We’ve already mentioned that 1 in 5 individuals in this country have some sort of disability which means 1 in 5 people visiting your website could have a hard time navigating it.

Have you ever tried to navigate a website that is difficult to use, hard to read, or frustrating to navigate?

It’s infuriating, right?

For those with disabilities, this is what life is like when trying to use a shockingly high number of websites. It’s no secret that the Internet is a staple in our everyday lives. It’s our number one source of information. We use it to pay bills, catch up on news, watch TV, do our banking, apply for loans, shop for groceries and more. And, just like a business’s physical locations being required to comply with physical accessibility laws, so too must their websites. But frustratingly, most don’t.

Is your website ADA compliant?

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We don’t want anyone leaving a website because a disability prevents them from reading it. This is where ADA website compliance can help.

ADA Detailed Test

The issue of web accessibility, which is the practice of making the necessary adjustments to a website so that people with disabilities can access its content, has become a fundamental consideration for website owners. As a result, all the sites that we build and manage will be accessible.

You may ask why now?

  • In recent years the legislative landscape has changed. Hundreds of thousands of business owners have received demand letters for having inaccessible websites.
  • On top of that, the pandemic has made us all rely on the internet for just about everything. Society is awakening to the fact that people with disabilities have a right to equal access to all websites.
  • Our main motivation for taking this initiative is simply to look out for your interests and make sure that your website is up to date in an ever changing web ecosystem.

After conducting extensive research we have selected accessWidget as a way to help address this issue for all of our clients. accessiBe’s accessWidget is the industry leading, AI powered solution that makes your site accessible and compliant quickly and cost efficiently. We will take care of seamlessly integrating accesWidget on your site. The annual fee for a license is $900.

By implementing this solution the benefits to you are the following… 

  • It helps to mitigate the legal risk of expensive lawsuits.
  • It is a way to grow your business by reaching out to a huge (15% of the population), underserved, and extremely loyal consumer group.
  • Finally, being inclusive is the right thing to do and sends a positive message about your brand.