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We don’t want anyone leaving a website because a disability prevents them from reading it. This is where ADA website compliance can help.

What Do These ADA Statistics Mean for Your Website?

  • Website Related ADA Lawsuits Up 181% in 2018

  • Top 5 States for Web Related ADA Federal Lawsuits NY PA CA FL TX

  • Top 5 Industries Affected by Web Related ADA Lawsuits in 2018 Retail Food Travel Banking and Entertainment

  • We’ve already mentioned that 1 in 5 individuals in this country have some sort of disability which means 1 in 5 people visiting your website could have a hard time navigating it.

Have you ever tried to navigate a website that is difficult to use, hard to read, or frustrating to navigate?

It’s infuriating, right?

For those with disabilities, this is what life is like when trying to use a shockingly high number of websites. It’s no secret that the Internet is a staple in our everyday lives. It’s our number one source of information. We use it to pay bills, catch up on news, watch TV, do our banking, apply for loans, shop for groceries and more. And, just like a business’s physical locations being required to comply with physical accessibility laws, so too must their websites. But frustratingly, most don’t.

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