Website Design Prices

Website Design Rates

Having a website isn’t optional for a small business. Try to think of a media that can reach potential clients like a website can. Like it or not, people make their decisions based on the design/quality of your website.

We get asked all the time, How much does a website cost?  The simple answer is it depends. We’ve built websites from 1k dollars up to 25k dollars. Each website is different just like each business that comes to us is different. It’s not even about the number of pages a website has. It’s more about the functionality. Are there web forms, is there a shopping cart, a newsletter signup, a custom store locator?  This list goes on and on.

Websites based on packages hasn’t worked for us. Every website is custom in some way. We try really hard to learn about the business and treat it like our business. How would we want to display services, products, blog posts, etc?  That mixed in with some really great design and layout ideas and we can put out a pretty nice looking website. With the end goal of attracting better quality clients through your new website.

Website Prices

We live in the Pacific NW and we can safely say that we live, breathe, experience and understand the challenges of doing business in one of the most hipster areas of the country. Here is us trying to break down in general some of the pricing around todays website developement.


A typical phase 1 website will usually have a few basic elements.

  • Large slider or main visual
  • Call-to-action section
  • Navigation (that works on mobile and desktop)
  • Optimized images
  • Testimonials
  • Services listed
  • Contact us with a Google map
  • Contact Form


Larger websites and some re-design website projects

  • The basic elements plus

Some more advanced functionality. Most of these are our website redesigns for a company who has been in business for awhile is ready for a new design and a planned out website site map. Some have us do the copywriting and overall strategy. Some of these clients want help with logo and branding work as well. Typically E-commerce sites fall into this range.


Custom website projects.

  • The basic elements plus

Website projects that need advanced functionality fall in here.  Typically custom api solutions or custom plugins written for their site. E-commerce sites that need to sync inventory with a retail location.  Depending on the amount of content, some sites where we write all the content will fall into this range.

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