Rhonda Frasier

“Gosh…that should be a simple answer…I never set out to lead. I am just a very independent person. I don’t think I would call my self a leader of people. As I am not a people person. If there was something I wanted or wanted to do, I just did it. I am not a patient person, so it came faster if I did it myself. Which is also how I learned to do many of the things I have done and do. I never thought for one minute that I couldn’t. If it was something I had in mind to do. Money was also a factor. When people ask me how I learned to do some of the stuff I do, I jokingly say that I have Mercedes taste with a bicycle wallet. So, I learned to do things that I couldn’t afford to pay another to do.

I will also add, and I was just told this. That when you get that reputation as a leader, you have to be very careful what you say, because people are watching & listening. I was interviewed recently and I made a joke, but the reporter didn’t know I was joking and she published it. I thought it was funny, but people that don’t know me, might believe it. I said of course you should brush your bison. Everyone does that right?. It was a joke because…I mean its a bison…who but me would do that? lol”

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