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I had a good website for my business, but it wasn’t “secure” and my SEO was low. After a couple of years in business, I knew it was time for an update and wanted to check out NWMC since they were named “Best of Clark County”.

I L.O.V.E. my new website! Not only does it LOOK amazing, but within a day I had my first contact form completed and received 4 leads in about a week (I think I got 4 forms completed in 2 years from my old site). I even booked a new client today!
Having a new website is fun, but having a GOOD website is important and having a GREAT website, like I got, makes it worth every penny!
The team at Northwest Media Collective each has a role. I had a designer, a developer, a coder all working on it, but most importantly I had an AWESOME Project Manager!!! Katie is the perfect liaison between their team and me (the client with no real understanding of how websites are made).

I had a weekly review on the progress and excellent communication in between.
My branding is important to me (all the way down to the specific color hue) and Katie was able to communicate that so that I got everything I wanted/expected from the design. There were very few bugs to work out the week prior to the launch and I haven’t found any mistakes or issues with the site at all.

They are hosting it. They can do SEO. They can even handle my social media posts for me (not doing it yet, but probably soon).
If you’re considering a new website, don’t waste time and money trying to do it yourself or finding some kid that knows how to make a website cheap, call Northwest Media Collective. The investment in a great site should result in a worthwhile return! Mine already has!

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