S. Paige Vinson

“There are many steps that I took to get in my leadership position and yet the real answer is in how a leader naturally behaves or learns to behave if it does not come naturally to be a great leader. If you are a leader and act like one, you will get there eventually. The best behaviors are: #1 Always doing the right thing and if you do not know what the right thing is in a situation, find out. #2 Do not be afraid to take an intelligent risk to strive for what you think you cannot do. No one learns how to be a leader without trying and failing a time or two. That brings me to #3 and the most important. Do not stop trying. Period. #4 is mainly if you are a leader of people. If you lead people, you must do this or you will fail: Support and serve your people. They will not fail you or the objectives you are trying to reach if they feel supported and that comes by serving their needs as often as you can. #5 Have fun. I know that sounds weird, but it gets me everywhere. If I am enjoying my role as a leader, people look to me for direction as who would not want to follow someone that is smiling and having fun? If nothing else, just remember the first and the last rule and all else falls into place. My team rules are Do the right thing and have fun and often it is that simple. I hope this helps!”

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