Factory Reset Google Glass

If you are on the fence about whether or not to factory reset your Glass, I’m here to tell you that its not all that bad.  Since purchase, my Google Glass has been accumulating ghost files and running out of space.  No matter how many different ways we tried to delete files, there was always data left.  We were down to the last 4gbs of space and the decision was made to try a factory reset.  I don’t know why this scared me; I think I was afraid I might somehow get locked out of my own device.  If it wasn’t for the hope to clear up more space on the glass, I wouldn’t have used this option.

It works though and Google made this about as painless as one could ask for.  I’ll explain my process to help reduce that small amount of panic in the back of your mind.

There are a few different ways you can reset Google Glass back to factory settings. Here is the method I used:

I navigated to the My Glass page on Google http://glass.google.com. From here you control things like contacts, wifi settings and device settings. When you click on the Device info block, there is an option to factory reset. This basically sends Glass the command to reset. Before you click the option, Backup your files from Glass. The trickiest part is reassigning wireless to it, but just follow the same steps to connect wifi as you used before resetting.


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